Keys to spending a lot of money to develop a terrible product

Mar 17, 2017 | 0 comments

Unlocking the Secrets of Wasteful Product Development: How to Splurge on a Subpar Creation

In our journey of collaborating with over 275 startups and small businesses in the realm of technological innovation, we’ve come across a perplexing phenomenon. It seems there might be an underground playbook dedicated to the art of extravagantly spending resources on the creation of a truly terrible product. After some diligent sleuthing, we’ve cracked the code, unveiling the cryptic rules. So, if you’re eager to squander copious amounts of capital on an abysmal endeavor, pay close attention to these insider tips:

Starting from Ground Zero: Reject Reference Designs

Forget about leveraging existing knowledge and templates. Instead, insist on embarking on your journey of innovation from the very beginning. Why settle for the wisdom of those who came before you when you can reinvent the wheel, right?

The Bargain Basement Engineer

To truly magnify your expenses while ensuring a terrible outcome, hire engineers who are more than willing to work for a fraction of the industry standard. Opt for that one-person army, preferably dwelling in a dimly lit basement. Their isolation will surely foster an environment ripe for subpar results.

Processes, Schmocesses

Who needs structured processes when you can improvise your way through development? Throw the rulebook out the window and embrace the chaos. You’re not interested in efficiency or efficacy; you’re here to spend, and spend lavishly!

Intriguingly, these three golden nuggets of wisdom might seem counterintuitive to anyone aiming for success. However, if your goal is to pour resources down the drain, these unconventional tactics might be just what you need.

Remember, though, that this approach is the exact opposite of what any sensible business or entrepreneur would pursue. Developing a successful product demands careful planning, expertise, and adherence to proven methodologies. So, if you’d rather see your resources flourish and your product thrive, perhaps it’s best to steer clear of these ‘keys’ and opt for a more prudent path.

In the world of business, innovation, and technology, efficiency and expertise are your true allies. Embrace best practices, invest wisely, and craft a product that not only impresses but also stands the test of time. Your wallet—and your customers—will thank you.


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