Prototype to Production

Is your product ready to launch?

Finally, we have the prototype working. Now, how do I produce the product in a reasonable timeframe at a reasonable cost?

Designing and building a prototype is one thing and getting that product into production requires a different set of skills. Many companies struggle with this seemingly simple task, especially startups and small companies that have less experience, personnel, and repeatable processes in place for the task.

Finish Line’s Prototype to Production program is designed to move in a methodical manner using proven processes and experienced personnel.

The program starts with a working prototype and ends with a product that is manufactured efficiently.


Who can benefit?

This program was designed for small companies that wish to get from prototype to production as quickly as possible with the least number of errors possible. Because small companies rarely bring new products to market, they do not have the type of expertise and processes in place to accomplish all the tasks necessary to achieve their mission. This program is designed to provide a temporary team that brings the product from prototype and into manufacturing and then turns the processes over to the client to manage on an ongoing basis.

How does the Prototype to Production Program work?

Each program is individually tailored to the client’s needs, but will follow the following general outline:

step 1

Step 1

Ensure the product is ready to move forward by reviewing:

  • DVT – does the product meet the requirements?
  • DFM
  • Compliance Issues
step 2

Step 2

Review documentation. Most projects will require some level of document completion.

Step 3

Step 3

Prototype Production: Small batch run to prove documentation is correct

step 4

Step 4

Strategy Development: Determine the vendors and methods that will be used to manufacture the product.

step 5

Step 5

Pilot Production: Small batch run to test methods and vendors

step 6

Step 6

Quality Control Strategy

step 7

Step 7

Step-wise increase in production levels

step 8

Step 8

Continuous Monitor and Control: – Field failure reports, cause analysis, and corrective action


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