Design Verification Testing

Nothing will kill a great product faster than releasing it before it is ready. Re-work, recalls, and ECNs not only cost a lot of money, but they also erode the product’s brand and, thus, its market value.

Product development is not complete until a test is done to prove that the drawing will produce a product that meets the requirements. This type of test is called a Design Verification Test (DVT).

design verification testing

FinishLinePDS is uniquely qualified to help small companies conduct DVTs. We complement your team’s expertise with specialized knowledge and make it affordable by using our tools and equipment and charging only for the hours you need.

We will work with your team to develop and execute a plan that makes sense for your specific situation. This plan may include the following:

  • Performance (Electronic/Mechanical/Software)
  • HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Testing
  • Reliability and Lifespan Modeling and Testing
  • Compliance – FCC/UL/ATEK/CE/Etc
  • Drawing Control Compliance
  • Functional
  • Usability
  • Environmental Qualification Testing (Vibration/Shock/Temperature)
  • Tolerance and Stack-up Analysis
  • Root Cause and Corrective Action
  • Unit Cost Analysis

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