Product Development Process Improvement

We often hear customers say “I have a great product development team – but things seem to take longer than they should and budgets often go over” Does this sound like you? If yes, then your team may benefit from the Finish Line’s Process Improvement Service. We not only make this easy but very affordable as well.

Let’s face it, product development is complex. Being great at product development is more than just technology. Designing great products requires a good understanding of the market and the customer. Products that can be manufactured efficiently are key to preserving high margins. Understanding the development cost, especially people cost, is key to keeping the product development budget on track.

Having a simple and effective design process is key to ensuring a high ROI on product development spend. If you’re not satisfied with your current state of product development processes, then maybe Finish Line’s Process Improvement program is right for you. This service comprises:

  • Evaluation of current processes
  • Evaluation of the client’s product development needs and strategy
  • Developing KPIs/KLIs
  • Developing a new process map
  • Writing new procedures
  • Training on new procedures
  • Auditing for compliance
  • Facilitating process improvement

Finish Line has been developing products for small companies since 2002. We have completed more than 1,500 projects for more than 300 companies. With each project, we have improved our processes. Now you can benefit from all this experience. Best of all, because we charge by the hour, we make this all very affordable.

To learn how you can learn more about how this service can help you, call us at 603-880-8484 or


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