Product Development Overseer

Your Guide to a Better Product, Lower Cost, and in Less Time

Management, processes, and leadership are important to any business task, product development is no exception. Because small companies have such long product cycles, it is difficult for them to leverage world-class engineering resources. Finish Line can augment your management team by providing processes and resources to help guide the project to successful completion. Our experience can help you avoid costly mistakes and decrease the time it takes to get your products to market.

What is a Product Development Overseer?

A Product Development Overseer is a Finish Line Project Manager who has decades of experience in developing products in a small company environment, is a technical expert, and is backed by the entire Finish Line team, processes, experience, and reference designs.

What does a Product Development Overseer do?

Works with your team to improve results—a better product, lower cost in less time. They are your trusted resource for overseeing all activities of the product development project. The overseer will hold weekly team meetings (internal and external), and review progress, methods, personnel, and alignment with the product vision and requirements.

Why should I hire a Product Development Overseer?

Most small companies do not have the clout, resources, or work level to afford a world-class product development manager full-time; and they rarely need this help on a full-time basis. It is even less likely that these companies have world-class product development processes, work instruction, networks, and reference design. By hiring a Finish Line Product Development Overseer, these companies can lower development costs and risks, create a better product, and decrease the time to market, all at an affordable price.

​What is the Cost of a Product Development Overseer?

Each project requires a different level of attention depending on the product complexity, stage of production, and team. Typically the cost ranges from less than $1,000 per month to $5,000 per month. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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