Technology Due Diligence for Angel Investors

“I like the idea and the team and they did a good job with market validation; however, I really need some help understanding the technology part. They are really smart, but they have never put a technology product into production before. Is their plan realistic?”

If this sounds like you, our Technology Due Diligence for Angel Investors program may be right for you. Sure, there are other due diligence companies out there, and many are terrific, just that the cost is almost as much as your investment, and their process is built more for a VC-type startup ready to scale than an Angel funded startup trying to get to first revenue.


Who can benefit?

This program was designed for Angel investors considering making a small seed investment in an early-stage technology startup. This program is designed to provide a temporary team that brings the product from prototype and into manufacturing and then turns the processes over to the client to manage on an ongoing basis.


How does the Due Diligence Program Program work?

For a fraction of what others may charge for due diligence, the Finish Line team will:

  • Determine the state of the product development
  • Vet the product development plan in terms of time and budget
  • Identify the technology risk area to be concerned about
  • Determine unit cost at scale


How does the Due Diligence Program Program work?

There is a flat fee of $1,000.


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