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Designed Specifically for Small Businesses and Startups:

FinishLinePDS only works for small businesses. We put our best people on your project. We know what small business budgets look like. We know how to work with you and stay on a budget that makes sense. Our mission is a positive ROI, which goes beyond just technical execution.

A Process Designed for Low Cost and High Quality:

Our processes are designed to create a return on your investment. We don’t start writing code until we understand your requirements, and we have vetted them to ensure they will create a positive ROI. We have learned that a small investment in comparing and contrasting different concepts for achieving your requirements pays dividends as compared to just jumping at the first idea that comes to mind. Our software architects design the software, our coders code the software and our QA people make sure it is bug-free. This specialization lowers cost compared to the “one-man team” approach which is trying to be good at all three.

One-Stop Shop: 

If we can’t do it, you don’t need it. Everything from simple mobile apps to complex scientific instruments with convolution algorithms and everything in between.

US-Based with Overseas Rates:

We use the best of both worlds. US-based engineers that you can communicate with and that understand the subtleties between technology and business combined with lower-cost resources from India and Eastern Europe. 

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