MVP Development

Of all the things that we do at Finish Line PDS, designing and building an MVP is our favorite. Ask most engineers to design a product for a few thousand dollars and they are likely to laugh at you. To us, we see it as a challenge that we are uniquely qualified to take on.


Who can benefit?

This program was designed for startups that are still in the market validation phase and need an MVP to conduct marketing experiments.


How does the MVP Development Program work?

  • Discuss specifics of validation experiments and general requirements for the MVP
  • Generate a conceptual design for the MVP
  • Design and build the MVP
  • Test the MVP to ensure it meets the requirements


How much does the Due Diligence Program cost?

Each MVP is different. The cost for a very early stage simple MVP can be less than $1,000, and MVPs closer to a pre-production prototype maybe 100s of thousands. Send us an email describing your requirements and we can quickly reply with a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) estimate.


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