PCB Layout Service

At FinishLinePDS, we go beyond layout by complementing your team with experts, process, and reference designs that improve quality and decrease cost.

First, we do a complete review of the schematic and BOM. Independent reviews have been shown to decrease the number of “spins” substantially. This reduction in spins not only saves cost but decreases time to market.

Almost every PCBA needs to live in an enclosure. Fitment, heat dissipation, shock, and vibration are important to the final product performance and should be taken into consideration before the layout begins.

Many products will need to conform to compliance standards – safety, emissions, and RoHS.
Why design a PCB that you can not get parts for? Our team does its due diligence on the BOM before starting the design.

Have a complex design: RF, high-speed digital, switching regulator, low-level signal processing? Our engineers have seen it all and done it all.

Best of all, after we are done with the design, we can fabricate it and conduct functional and design verification testing.


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