Reshoring Product

It Is Not Always Cheaper Overseas

FinishLine Expertise

  • Ability to reverse engineer a product that was designed in Asia.
  • Electronics Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Safety Certification Support

Project Description

Our customer was done with working with its Asian partner. Costs were high, customer service was low, and the product was hard to use and lacked key features. Worse, even though they had paid for product development, they did not own the drawings.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

How to lower COGS, fix numerous bugs, add key features when you did not have access to any of the product drawings.

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The Process
  1. Understand Requirements.
  2. Reverse Engineer parts that worked and use FinishLinePDS reference design for parts that did not.
  3. Create all drawings (Master Book).
  4. Built Prototypes.
  5. Conducted Design Verification Test.
  6. Identify Supply Chain for Manufacturing.
  7. Work with Manufacturing Partners to control cost and quality.
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The Solution

FinishLinePDS produced a product that exceeded the requirements. This product included electronics, mechanical, software and liquid flow control.

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The Results
  1. Significant reduction in COGS.
  2. Improved Quality.
  3. Added Features.
  4. Improved UI.
  5. Complete Ownership of IP.


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