Remote Patient Monitoring System

Aging-In-Place Lowers Medical Cost

FinishLine Expertise

  • Medical Device Design

Project Description

Our customer, a large visiting nursing provider, needed to lower costs. The cost for Medicare reimbursement was not rising nearly as fast as the cost for providing this vital service. Further, many patients left the system, and went into a full time nursing facility, simply because they forgot to take their medications.

FinishLinePDS designed a system that monitored 75% of what the visiting nurse monitored, and provided this monitoring in real time. This lowered cost and freed up staff to focus on more important matters.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

Develop hardware/sensors/software and cloud in less than a year.

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The Process

Identify opportunities to partner and use OTS components to reduce time to market and development budget. Also, use as many reference designs as possible.

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The Solution

Complete patient monitoring system with:

  1. Medication Verification Sensor
  2. Fall Detector
  3. Geolocation
  4. Scale
  5. BP and HR
  6. Cloud system for monitoring
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The Results

A system with the capability to reduce aging-in-place cost by as much as 50% and delay conversions to assisted living by as much as 3 years.


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