Remote for Seniors

Grandma Can Use The Computer!

FinishLine Expertise

  • Market Validation
  • Product Market Fit
  • Discovery

Project Description

Our client, an owner of a chain of assisted living facilities, had a problem. Their customers could not use the technology developed to help them with everything from watching TV to scheduling doctors appointments.

Sure, the technology was there, they just did not possess the technical skills, and sometimes the dexterity, to access the technology.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

How to bring technology to a population with low technical and dexterity abilities.

The process icon
The Process
  1. Understand the technology
  2. User Research
  3. Conceptual Design
  4. Detail Design
  5. Production
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The Solution

An easy-to-use remote coupled with an app that integrated all the various applications into one simple to use platform.

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The Results

Company raised $8M+ to scale.


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