Preventing Distracted Driving

Saving Us From Our Phones

FinishLine Expertise

  • Brainstorming/Innovation
  • App Development
  • BTLE

Project Description

Texting while driving has been a significant safety issue for the commercial trucking industry ever since the invention of the smartphone. Although there were many solutions on the market for monitoring distracted driving, none prevented distracted driving. Using FinishLinePDS’ Conceptual Design process, a new patent-pending concept was developed. Unlike the solution on the market that only monitored distracted driving, this product prevented it.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

How to prevent distracted driving for only the driver in a specific truck.

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The Process
  1. Understand the problem and the market.
  2. Develop Requirements for the product.
  3. Brainstorm different concepts.
  4. Compare and contrast these concepts.
  5. Develop the winning concept.
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The Solution
  1. App that Blanks the Phone Screen when the truck starts moving.
  2. Connects to Telematics System.
  3. Is only enabled in the Truck—no false triggers.
  4. Don’t just monitor distracted driving; prevent it.
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The Results
  • Company Raised Seed Round as a result of our MVP
  • Acquired a Channel Partner
  • Acquired Early Customers


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