Drive By IoT

Lower IoT Cost by Utilizing Installed Capital

FinishLine Expertise

  • RF Electronics
  • Communication Protocol
  • Software

Project Description

Our client knew that a tank monitoring system that cost 10% of existing systems on the market would open up a much bigger market opportunity.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

How to sense the tank level in a residential fuel tank for less than $0.50 a month total cost of ownership.

The process icon
The Process
  1. Brainstorm different concepts.
  2. Analyze concepts and select the best.
  3. Conduct proof-of-concept testing in the lab to confirm the analysis.
  4. Develop requirements for the product.
  5. Designed product to meet requirements.
  6. Build prototypes and perform testing to confirm the design meets requirements.
The solution icon
The Solution

Used delivery trucks that already existed, as RF gateways from the truck to the internet, as opposed to cell modems, simplified the system and lowered cost.

Results icon
The Results
  1. $0.50 per month compared to $5 per month.
  2. Open up a much bigger market for the product.


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