Downhole Electronic Drift Tool

Solving a 75-year-old problem

FinishLine Expertise

  • Extreme Environment Electronic Design

Project Description

The standard method of surveying oil and gas wells relied on antiquated mechanisms, unchanged for more than 75 years. They functioned so poorly that there were many attempts to create an electronic alternative — all failed. That is until one of the leaders in the industry contacted FinishLinePDS to help close the development gap. Together we solved a 75-year-old problem in a matter of months.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

Designing Electronics for an Extreme Environment.

The process icon
The Process
  1. Understand the requirements.
  2. Understand why others had failed.
  3. Bring together a diverse technical team.
  4. Turning a conceptual design into a product.
  5. Prototype to production.
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The Solution

An electronic drift tool (inertial navigation) reliable enough and rugged enough to survive dropping into an oil well.

Results icon
The Results
  1. 10X reduction in cost.
  2. Higher performance.
  3. 40x ROI.


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