Diversity Antenna

It’s Noisy Out There

FinishLine Expertise

  • Hand Sketch to Product
  • Industrial Design
  • Antenna/RF Design
  • Conceptual Design and Renderings

Project Description

Our client operated in an extreme RF environment and in a very noisy spectrum. They wanted a new antenna design that would both be interesting to look at but also fade into the background while adhering to performance requirements.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

Creating a simple design that adhered to new branding and still performed like the legacy product that has been sold for years.

The process icon
The Process
  1. Discuss and record branding and performance requirements.
  2. Develop high-level concepts to achieve requirements.
  3. Create CAD renderings of new design to review with team.
  4. Fabricate 3D printed models for testing and market validation.
  5. Detail design for manufacturing.
The solution icon
The Solution

A low cost assembly that is fabricated out of inexpensive PCB material.

Results icon
The Results

An antenna that meets all performance requirements in RF, water resistance, and cost while still being on brand. A new and interesting product design that catches your attention, but can also disappear while on stage.


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