Small Company Product Development Cost Reduction

Mar 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Small enterprises carving their niche in the market undoubtedly possess the ingenuity to craft superior products. However, a persistent question looms: can they amass a sufficient sales volume to recoup their investments? In scenarios where unit volumes remain modest, the expenditure associated with product development can sometimes overshadow the manufacturing costs.

Fear not, for here are some invaluable strategies to curtail product development expenses within the confines of a small company:

1. Embrace Reference Designs: In your quest for innovation, don’t hesitate to seek out designs that closely align with your project’s requirements. These blueprints can be licensed from either established companies or dedicated product development firms. Commencing your journey with a partially realized concept can substantially alleviate your financial burden.

2. Trim Fixed Costs: Establishing the intricate web of processes and systems required for product development can quickly deplete your coffers. Expenses like CAD systems, drawing control, and staff recruitment demand both monetary resources and managerial attention. Consider outsourcing to companies already equipped with these resources to bypass unnecessary costs.

3. Chart a Documented Path: The price of redundancy is one small businesses cannot afford. Minimize the risk of having to backtrack by diligently adhering to a well-documented product development process replete with clearly defined milestones. A structured approach can ensure that your efforts remain focused and fruitful.

4. Seek Specialized Expertise: In the world of development, experts reign supreme. While smaller enterprises might struggle to bring onboard engineers specializing in a single domain, it is often feasible to enlist the services of these specialists on an hourly basis. Their efficiency can be a game-changer in your pursuit of cost-effective innovation.

5. Consider Design-Build Collaborations: Certain Contract Manufacturers (CMs) extend design/build services, a strategic partnership that comes with its own set of advantages. By surrendering a portion of your gross margin, you gain access to reduced development costs. CMs, being integrated development and manufacturing entities, often possess the expertise to create products more cost-effectively than starting from scratch.

Now, you may wonder: What will my project’s cost look like after implementing these strategies? Worry not, for we have prepared an estimate template to provide clarity on your financial roadmap. Discover the potential cost savings that await you by downloading our estimate template.

In the intricate world of small company product development, cost reduction is not merely a goal but a strategic necessity. By harnessing these proven strategies, you can breathe life into your innovative visions while ensuring your financial stability. Small in scale but mighty in ambition, your company can forge ahead towards success and profitability.


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