Realizing the Full Potential of LED Lighting

Nov 19, 2020

LEDs are great for lighting when compared to other technologies. They are efficient and last a very long time. Typically a LED will last for 40 years, which is great, especially for applications where changing the bulb can be very expensive: street lights, tunnels, high bays, etc.

However, the electronics that power the LEDs will only last for 3 years. Many companies have tried to solve this problem over the years with less than stellar results.

Our customer, LiteSheet, set out to solve this problem and hired Finish Line PDS to invent and design an electronic system that would power the LEDs and last as long as the LEDs themself.

Finish Line PDS came up with a unique design that avoided using the components limiting the life span and decreasing the reliability of LED drivers, allowing Litesheet to provide a light engine with extended life in harsh environments.

Best of all, because the design eliminated components, the driver’s cost is less when compared with conventional drivers.

All of this work results in millions of dollars in revenue for Litesheet and a US Patent (10,827,584)


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