Automated Press Brake Controller Launched

May 15, 2019

Reducing labor time in manufacturing is a key strategic initiative for all manufacturing companies – especially in countries with high labor cost. Automation holds the promise of achieving this goal. Advancements in digital technology including AI and machine learning are making it easier to develop machines that greatly improve labor productivity.

Longtime Finish Line PDS customer, Automec, is paving the way to this future with the launch of the PC600. You can see details of this innovative product here.

This project is another example of how small companies can develop sophisticated products on small budgets. By using FLPDS Savvy(TM) product development process, development cost, and procedures.

FLPDS was able to use numerous reference design to reduce the development cost of this system. These designs included:

– Digital Control Systems/PID
– UI Software
– Machine Communications Systems
– Software Drivers
– Motion Controllers and Drivers

This project leveraged FLPDS process, management and leadership. Having a combination of seasoned engineering managers working collaboratively with a team of specialized engineers reduced the number of hours needed to design the system. This strategy prevents paying people to “learn on your nickel”, and leverages the decision-making ability of a functional team.

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