Ruggedized Mobile Command Center

Communicating in Emergency Situations

FinishLine Expertise

  • Ability to go from concept to production in record time

Project Description

Emergency field personnel needed access to secure voice and data communication within a portable unit that could operate in the absence of any infrastructure — power or cell towers.  In addition, the unit literally had to be able to survive a CAT-5 hurricane.

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The Challenge

A government contracting agency was tasked with designing and manufacturing a sophisticated mobile command center and deploying units in the field before the start of the hurricane season. These units were going to be used by emergency personnel responding to a natural disaster and it became a matter of life and death to get this work accomplished in the required time. After several failed attempts with other firms, and with only four weeks left, they turned to FinishLinePDS for a quick solution.

The design required a combination of off-the-shelf components, modified components, and completely custom components, all with their own special power and interface requirements.

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The Process
  1. Break the project into very small projects that could be executed in a few weeks.
  2. Bring together a team with the expertise and availability to execute in such a short period of time.
  3. Concurrently design, test and manufacture.
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The Solution

The final product was a secure, universally-powered voice-and-data system that used satellite communication technology.

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The Results

Units designed, built and tested, and delivered to the field within the four week window.


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