Invent Sales and Marketing Program

Developing the procedures for selling a new product

FinishLine Expertise

  • Market Validation

Project Description

Our customer had just come out with a new pet product, but had no idea how to go about selling it. Finish Line PDS quickly put together a team of experts that invented a strategy that found the lowest-cost method of selling to this market.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

How to sell a brand new product in a startup that no one has ever heard of before.

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The Process
  1. Generate several different Go To Market (GTM) strategies.
  2. Model each GTM strategy and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  3. Verify each CAC with market validation experiments.
  4. Choose a GTM strategy based on CAC models.
  5. Map the customer journey.
  6. Develop procedures for moving customers from each stage in the journey.
  7. Develop KPIs to track the performance of the Sales and Marketing system.
  8. Develop a continuous improvement system for lowering the CAC.
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The Solution

Developed a set of procedures that created a customer for a defined cost. Train personnel on executing the procedures. Monitored the performance of the system and drove the continuous improvement.

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The Results
  1. Created a repeatable sales and marketing system.
  2. Lowered CAC for each quarter.
  3. Document system so employees could be on-boarded.


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