Drilling Dynamics Sub

Listening to Your Machine

FinishLine Expertise

  • Algorithm Development
  • Sensors and DAQ
  • Harsh Environment Electronics
  • Wireless
  • Low Power Electronics

Project Description

You can drill fast or the bit can last a long time, but you can’t do both—until now. Every driller wants to drill fast, but they also don’t want to spend all day pulling the bit out of the hole because it is worn out. By listening to the noise the bit makes, you can calculate the optimum WOB and TOB to optimize bit life and rate of penetration.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

Turning a scientific theory into a practical tool.

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The Process
  1. Proof of Concept (prove the science).
  2. Requirements Generation.
  3. Conceptual Design.
  4. Detail Design.
  5. Design Verification Testing.
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The Solution

A sub that sits just below the kelly and measures strain and vibration. The electronics are powered by rechargeable batteries and wirelessly send the data to the drilling panel in the dog house. The dog house computer used an algorithm to  determine the optimum WOB and TOB to balance the ROP with bit life.

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The Results

The world’s first drilling optimization tool.


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