Downhole Trigger

How to communicate 10,000ft underground

FinishLine Expertise

  • Electromagnetic Physic/Downhole Communications

Project Description

Our client needed help in developing a method for triggering a downhole tool without the use of conventional methods that were costly and risky. This technology would be used on a wide variety of products and would create a competitive advantage as it lowered the total cost of ownership.

Challenge icon
The Challenge

How to  selectively activate downhole equipment without the use of e-lines or cables.

Naturally, the new technology had to withstand the extreme temperature, pressure, shock and vibration of the downhole environment.

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The Process
  1. Assemble a world class team of experts in various fields.
  2. Develop concepts.
  3. Evaluate and test these concepts.
  4. Design, manufacture and field test pre-production prototypes.
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The Solution

Near field wireless dart that would trigger the selective deployment of a downhole tool as it was pumped down the well.

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The Results

Because the technology reduced the total cost of ownership for a wide range of existing products, gross margin for the company grew at substantial rates.


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