Product Development Cost Calculator


The purpose of Product Development is to get a return on your investment — or a positive ROI. To calculate the ROI, we need to know the project cost. This cost tool helps estimate a project cost in the early stages of product development.


In the early stages of product development, there is an idea and some market validation. It will cost money to take the idea any further. How do you know this money is a good investment? Is there any way to de-risk this investment?

In order to know the ROI of a product development project, one must know the cost of the product and value of the product.

If you are interested in calculating value, see our ROI calculator: HERE

This tool, the Product Development Cost Calculator, is designed to estimate the cost of the project. This tool contains our experience with thousands of product development projects and their cost. Although no tool can calculate the exact cost of any project, this tool will get you close enough so you can decide if further work is warranted.

What it is:

A tool for estimating the cost of bringing an idea to market.

Why it is Important:

Creating realistic budgets is key to successful product development.

What Problem Does it Solve:

Helping to decide which idea to push into development.

When to Use it:

At all stages before detail design.

How Can FinishLinePDS Help:

While it can be a self-service tool, the quality is greatly improved with our assistance.


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