Drawing Tree Template


A drawing tree is an important step to complete before starting any detailed design on a product. Above is the template we use.


The purpose of the detailed design phase of product development is to produce a set of drawings that, if followed, will produce a product that meets the requirements. Before starting on the drawings, it is a good idea to first define them and how they connect with each other. A drawing tree is the perfect tool for doing this defining work.

What it is:

A tool for defining the drawings that will make up the master book.

Why it is Important:

Defines done for the detail design phase of product development.

Clarifies roles and responsibility.

Assist in determining and maintaining the schedule.

What Problem Does it Solve:

Budget and schedule overruns.

When to Use it:

At the beginning of the detail design phase.

How Can FinishLinePDS Help:

Reviewing your drawing for completeness, budgets and schedules.


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